Great Container Gardening Planters

Since I’m a dedicated container gardener, I’m always looking for containers that are neat as well as functional. A few neat containers and possible plantings are outlined below:


Vintage Colanders (would be great with strawberry or cherry tomatoes)

Enamel Stockpots (plant a “soup” garden—dwarf celery, carrots, garlic, etc.)

Cake Pans (deep ones like bundt pans are best, and also have unusual shapes)

Domed Cake Plates (terrarium)

5 gallon Candy Jars (terrarium)

Hollowed-out Funkin Pumpkins (something spooky and vining—maybe a spider plant?)

Mini Rubber Tires (cut and turned inside out like the larger ones)

Compotes of any material—milk glass, silver, china (pretty with small flowers or mosses)

Punch Bowls (hot pink or red flowers are great; good as planters or terrariums)

Wall Sconces Designed for Candles (small flowers or succulents)


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