Christmas in July? The Gift Guide

Okay, so you’re all fired up and ready to go. You know who you want to give gifts to and what their interests are, but you’re still stuck on the what. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled some suggestions below:

For the Gardener:

Garden Therapy Gift Set– herbal bath salts, hand milled soap, hand-rolled beeswax candles, hand salve. Maybe throw in a kneeling mat or luxurious garden gloves.

Cut Flower Kit– floral frog, floral tape, flower food, seeds for cutting garden flowers, packaged in a nice vase.

Speciality Garden Kit– choose an unusual vegetable or flower that your gardener might be interested in. An example would be a couple of packages of heirloom tomato seeds with a book on heirloom tomatoes with handmade plant labels and packages.

Personalized Garden Stone– easy to make, and can be customized with name, street address or meaningful quotes or sayings.

For the Cook:

Family Recipes Book– compile all of the family’s favorite recipes into a customized binder or personalized notecards. If you incorporate photos and mementos, you have a very special scrapbook.

Cook’s Therapy Gift Set– yummy scented bath salts and lotions, hand milled soaps and hand rolled beeswax candles, packaged in either a speciality baking dish, bundt pan or large copper jello mold.

Iron-on or Screenprint Kitchen Towels

For the Writer/Reader:

Handmade Bookplates and/or Bookmarks with a favorite book

Handmade stationary set (can include notecards, sheet paper, return address labels and envelopes, or make fold and mail stationary). Include postage and a nice pen.

For the Crafter:

Embroidery Set– flour sack tea towels, embroidery floss, needles, hoops, patterns and instructions.

Hand-milled Soap Set– castile soap, herbs, essential oil, soap mold and instructions on a laminated card.

Old-School Zine Making Kit– paper, paper trimmer, rubber cement, rubber stamps and ink, clip-art book or cd, large stapler with staples, the book Stolen Sharpie Revolution.

Card-making Kit– card stock, paper trimmer, hole punches, embellishments, rubber stamps and ink, photo corners, rubber cement. Packaged in a photo storage box or cigar box.

For the Home maker/Entertainer:

Wired Jar Lanterns

Punched Tin Can Lanterns

Aprons (men can get sturdy canvas shop aprons)

Beeswax Hand-rolled Candles

Handmade Guest Book

Photo Albums/Picture Frames

Picture-frame Serving Trays

Etched-glass Mirrors

Get creative and think outside of the box and you can create and assemble great gifts for anyone on your list!