Summer of Light

There is nothing better than the soft glow of candlelight, especially at dusk in the summer. It’s an easy transition from the late light of the day into lovely glowing points of fire, tucked about the patio or dining room. Highlight the beauty of the flame by selecting candleholders that are a bit unusual, and thus a little more extraordinary. The options are endless, but some of my favorites are listed here:

Milk Glass– milk glass is illuminated in a simple, bright way when a tealight is placed inside. Tumblers, compotes and planters are some of my favorites.

Oil Lamp Chimneys– placed on top of a decorative saucer or tile with a tealight inside, and you can create a charming grouping on a dining table or sideboard.

Punched Tin– this is a great way to reuse food cans instead of throwing them in the trash, and they cast light in intricate patterns into the darkness. Fashion your own by freezing water until just solid in the tin cans (don’t leave it much longer in the freezer or it will warp the can) and then using a metal awl to punch out your pattern. If you like, you can spraypaint the can in any color you like, although I like the simplicity of the plain metal.

Silver Trays– these reflect light fantastically with a simple row of tealights lined down the center.

Box Graters– place a tealight inside, and it provides the same dappled light effect as the punch tin holders, with a little extra unusual charm.

Thin China Tea Cups– very cute as they seem to glow within from a tealight placed in the bottom.

Old-Fashioned Milk Bottles (with the bottoms cut out)– another great way to recycle, these look great on a dinner table set for a rustic farm-style dinner. They also do double-duty in the early spring as plant cloches in the garden.

Use your imagination– raid your china cabinet, kitchen cupboards or garden bench to find unique candleholders perfect for any occasion (or no occasion at all) without spending a lot of money and using the same candleholders that everybody else has.