Magnetize It!

I prefer using magnet boards instead of cork boards in my office area because magnets don’t leave pin holes in the paper. But the magnet boards sold in office supply stores are expensive and boring looking. So why not turn something interesting into a magnet board? It’s pretty easy now that some nifty science-guys figured out how magnetize spray paint. It’s true– you can spray paint virtually any surface and voila, magnets will adhere to it. The brand I’ve seen the most (and is the most easy to obtain) is the Krylon Magnetic Paint ( has a 13 ounce can for $8.97). Apparently you can spray paint any color you like over it and it will still be effectively magnetic. So now that you have the stuff, what to magnetize? Here are some ideas that I think are neat:

— Vintage clipboards

— Picture frames (magnetize a thin piece of wood and frame it)

— Ceramic platters with decorative borders (spray just the center so the border is still visible)

— Thin plywood cut into a unique design or shape

— Pegboard (in addition to being magnetic, you can also attach trays and hooks through the peg-holes)

— Garden lattice

And if you don’t want to go that route, don’t forget metal objects that can be repurposed into a memo board:

— Jelly Roll Pans

— Shallow enamelware trays

— Metal dustpans

— Sheet metal cut into a decorative pattern

As always, think outside of the box a bit and you can personalize your home without spending a lot of cash and having fun while you’re at it.