The Gift of a Good Meal

I am always stumped about what to give people for occasions like anniversaries. I’ve come up with a nice solution for those on my list that are foodies or like to cook—the meal basket. It’s a nice way to put together some fancy ingredients you know the recipient would love or might not try on their own. These are also great gifts for young people that have expressed an interest in learning to cook. A few enticing themes are outlined below:

Brunch Basket: gourmet scones or bread mix, specialty jams, jelly and/or butters, flavored sugars, coffee and tea assortment, organic fruit selection.

Italian Dinner: gourmet pasta, pine nuts, artisan cheese, specialty pasta sauce, excellent bottle of wine.

Mexican Dinner: selection of salsas, organic hot peppers, ingredients for a favorite dish such as tacos or burritos, artisan tequila or Mexican beer.

Japanese Dinner: soba noodles, artisan soy sauce, sake, materials/ingredients for sushi (omit the fish for the sushi unless you’re certain your recipient will be using your kit as soon as you deliver it).