Cooking Frenzy

I went a little crazy in the kitchen tonight. The first few yellow leaves are starting to drift from the trees and the past few mornings have had a hint of cool to them. I know summer isn’t quite over yet, and we’re bound to get a good number of unbearably hot and humid days before it wears itself out, but I can sense the seasons on the verge of changing. The seasonal shifts have always been a bit rough for me; I’m more prone to headaches and fatigue. Changing pollen counts and losing daylight and such things. But autumn is my favorite season, and any hint of it arriving I find quite inspiring. Especially in the kitchen, so I went a little nuts doing some cooking today. I made a batch of chili for the freezer (enough for one dinner and one lunch), a batch of 15 bean stew for the freezer (enough for 3-4 meals) and a double pan of scalloped potatoes, half we’re having for dinner with some pink sweet corn and the other half we’ll have for lunch tomorrow. And I didn’t stop there. I also baked a pan of 18 biscuits (mostly for the freezer) and 4 mini loaf pans and 6 mini bundt cakes of pumpkin spice bread (most of which will go in the freezer). I’m fanatic about freezing quick bread lately. I did a couple of mini loaves earlier in the week and they’re great for breakfast– my husband and I split one and they defrost in about 2 minutes in the microwave. Serve it with some jams or jelly and fresh fruit and you’ve got a complete breakfast that’s fast and not a Pop Tart. If I have any room left in my freezer, I’m going to do some cookies, applesauce spice cake, another batch of chili and some meatloaves for the freezer this weekend. I love feeling so inspired. It keeps me from ordering take out too much. 🙂