Garden Update

Here’s what happening at the Apartment Farm:

Strawberries– one harvested (best strawberry ever!), two forming and one more ready to pick.

Tomatoes– over 30 green ones getting bigger and taking their sweet time to turn red.

Peppers– about 15, not yet ready to pick.

Garlic– 5 new cloves just planted.

Carrots– about the size of a thumbtack and the greens are dying back. Could it be overwatering or underwatering? Or something else entirely? These aren’t looking promising.

Green Onions– they’re still small and the outer layers are starting to dry. Could be salvageable though. I got some advice that they might be too close together to mature further, so I’m going to thin them today and see if the remaining one start growing.

Lettuce– the first sowing has long been eaten (very delicate and buttery), and I’ve finally gotten the second sowing planted, so I’m waiting for them to germinate.

Herbs– not so hot. The oregano died and I haven’t replanted it. I finally thinned the thyme and rosemary, but the remaining plants are looking quite leggy and unhappy. I planted some more thyme in another container, so we’ll see what happens with that batch. The chives are tiny still also.

So, we’re fifty-fifty at the Apartment Farm, and that’s not bad for a first year indoor garden!