All You Have to Do Is ASK

Purchasing organics as much as we can is the rule in my house. It’s true, it’s more expensive than the conventional stuff on the market. But that’s because we’re paying for the true cost involved in producing a quality product. Conventional growing methods with their mass market pesticides and cheap labor are the easy way out, and we’re paying the cheap price for the lack of quality in that type of food. All the same, discounts now and again are welcome to our pocketbooks, especially when trying something new that you’re not sure you’ll like. Once you’ve figured out that you like it, you’ll be able to justify the price. So one way I’ve been able to get acquainted with new organic and natural products is to simply email the companies I’ve been interested in and ask them if they would be willing to send me coupons and/or product samples. Most of the companies I contacted were more than happy to oblige, and my mailbox has been host to a good amount of coupons with generous discounts and sample size products. One company I contacted even sent me a full-size soap! It only took me about a half hour online. I just made a list of natural/organic food, home care and cosmetic companies that I wanted to try, looked up their websites, and then sent an email to their customer service department or used the feedback form on their website. My request was simple– all I said was “I’d be interested in trying some of your xyz product, and was hoping you could send me some coupons and/or product samples so I can do so. If so, please send to [my address].” Many of the companies emailed me back to let me know what they would be sending me, and of course I sent a simple email in return that said “thank you”. Some companies also have e-newsletters or mailed newsletters you can sign up for that include coupons or discounts. Seventh Generation has downloadable coupons on their website, as do many other companies. And a good coupon book to look for is the Mambo Sprouts booklet that focuses almost exclusively on organic goods. They can be found at Whole Foods stores as well as online. So there are deals to be found out there– all you have to do is ASK.