Autumn at the Apartment Farm

Well, things are winding down on the garden front. We’ve got about another week or so of cherry tomatoes and harvesting the green onions and then we’ll be finished with the major stuff until next spring. With the hecticness of school and work, the lettuce and herbs I sowed awhile back didn’t survive… I admit to forgetting to water quite a bit… but that can’t be helped now. The strawberry is also done for the season. We’ll have garlic greens as often as we want throughout the fall and winter, and we purchased an establised rosemary plant that seems to be doing well and we’ll try to winter over. The window sure does look different without all the plants. Our local farmer’s market has about another two months left, so I plan on putting up a few things, but not as much as I orginally planned– school is just keeping me too busy. But I would still like to do some refrigerator pickles and hot pepper vinegars. Maybe some salsa to freeze also.