Halloween Craft: Handkerchief Ghosts

Ah, Halloween. It’s got to be my favorite holiday, and I love decorating for it. When I was a kid, we used to make tissue paper ghosts to hang in the windows. They’re simple and fun to create, and by using more durable materials, they can be used year after year.


White handkerchiefs

1 inch foam balls

Black fabric paint

Thin black or white ribbon

Small 6 inch long wooden dowels

Fishing line


You can make two versions of these ghosts– some on wooden dowels to place in planters or containers, and some strung on fishing line to hang in windows. For the dowel version, stick a dowel into a foam ball. Cover the ball with the handkerchieft, and secure with a short length of ribbon. Use the fabric paint to create a face on the ghost. For the hanging version, leave the dowel off the foam ball, and once the ghost is assembled, tie the desired length of fishing line to the back of the ghost by the ribbon, and hang in the window.

This is especially a great craft for younger kids, because it’s not messy with glue. They look really good around the house or stuck in planters on a sheltered porch. You can also make giant versions by using flour sack towels and large foam balls.


One thought on “Halloween Craft: Handkerchief Ghosts

  1. I remember making these as a kid!!! Maybe a more “earth friendly” template would be to use white paper towels, napkins, or recycle plastic grocery bags. And instead of a styro head, just fill the head with a crunched up ball of newspaper.

    In fact, you’ve inspired me to make some for around my front door!!! I think I’ll string them in between the lights on my string of orange christmas lights!!! Thanks!!!!!!

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