Cold Snap!

Well, one good thing about having an indoor container garden is that I don’t have to worry about what’s going on outdoors when the weather takes a turn. The rest of you however, might not be so lucky. With the weather hovering in the lower thirties and with snow flying just to the north (already!) it’s gotten me to thinking about all of my fellow outdoor gardeners, and what to do to protect the last few plants they’re trying to get a harvest from or overwinter. Here are a few suggestions to help weather the season:

— 5 Gallon Buckets: can be upturned over delicate plants when there’s chance of an early frost. A brick on top will prevent it from being carried off in a wind.

— Burlap secured with Twine: will help protect newly planted trees and shrubs

— Cold frames/Mini Root Cellars: if you want one, dig it in now before the ground freezes. Also get a bale or two of straw/hay for insulating.

— Coil up the watering hose and put an insulating cover over the faucet.

— Pick up loose odds and ends (you don’t want it blowing away or getting damaged in winter storms).

— Compost the dead plants and such.

— Aerate, fertilizer and otherwise prepare your planting beds for spring. Consider planting a cover crop that can overwinter.

— Put out a bird feeder and/or suet cake for the birds.

— Make any necessary repairs or replacements to containers, raised beds and garden equipment before putting it away for the season (and make sure you put it away clean and ready to use in the spring).