Halloween Craft: Craft Stick Scarecrows

This craft is easy to make in an afternoon and has several uses– these cute scarecrows can dress up a container of mums on the front porch, make an appearance on the fridge or in the window or tag along on a gift bottle of wine or apple pie. They’re easy to make from items you likely have an hand, and are a perfect way to occupy a blustery Saturday afternoon.


Popsicle craft sticks

Plaid flannel fabric (old shirts from the thrift store/closet can be cheaper than purchased fabric)

Denim fabric (same as above, cut up old jeans)

Straw (if you can’t get it at the farmer’s market, you can find mini bales at the craft store)

Small rounds magnets and/or small suction cups and/or bamboo skewers

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Fabric scissors

Cardboard, ruler and pen

Stiffy Fabric Stiffener


1.) Using the ruler and pen, trace the shape of pants and a shirt (with straight sleeves that will line up with a popsicle stick along the top) on the cardboard. Cut the shirt and pants out of the cardboard. This will serve as your template to cut the fabric.

2.) Lay the shirt template on the wrong side of the plaid flannel and the pants on the wrong side of the denim and trace with a pen and then cut out one set for each scarecrow.

3.) Spray the shirt and pants with the Stiffy and let dry.

4.) While the shirt and pants are drying, assemble the form for the scarecrow. Hot glue one craft stick 2/3 of the way up another craft stick so they are perpendicular (so it forms a cross shape). If you would like your scarecrow to be a magnet, hot glue a magnet on the back. If you’d like it to stick to a smooth surface like a window or mirror, hot glue a small suction cup to the back. If you’d like it to serve as a plant stake, hot glue a bamboo skewer to the back.

5.) When the fabric is dry, hot glue the shirt and pants to the front of the scarecrow form (with the right side of the fabric facing out). Turn the scarecrow over, and carefully hot glue several short strands of straw to the pant cuffs and shirt sleeves so they will be visible from the front.

This is the basic form, and I like the simplicity of the look. If headless scarecrows bother you, you can find things like mini foam pumpkins at crafts stores and impale it on the top of the craft stick. A mini straw hat on top of this would look cute. You could draw a Jack-o-Lantern face on the pumpkin with a yellow paint pen. And you can embellish your scarecrow as you wish– you can draw details on the jeans with a black fabric pen, glue a row of mini buttons down the shirt, perch a tiny crow on it’s shoulder– the possibilities are endless when you raid the dollhouse accessories at the crafts store! But like I said, the “basic model” is rustic and cute as well.


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