Garden Craft: Photo Plant Tags

Cool weather is a great time to make stuff to spiffy up the garden. Plant tags are a great way to add some character to your containers or plots and are a lot more useful and interesting than names scrawled on a popsicle stick with black permanent marker.

–4×6 plant/vegetable photos (I like the artistic quality of black-and-white, but of course you can do color or sepia tones. These can be photos you’ve taken yourself, from the internet, or out of seed catalogs.)
–Self-stick laminating sheets
–Popsicle sticks
–Hot glue

1.) It’s optional to do this, but I like to write or type some of the plant info on the back of the photo, so it’s handy during the growing season. You’ll want to leave a one-inch margin on one side of the photo.
2.) Cut the laminate sheets about a half inch wider on all sides than your photo. Sandwich your photo between two laminate sheets and rub together to seal.
3.) If you have plant info written on the back of the photo, hot glue your popsicle stick to one side of the photo (in the margin you left; the tag will look like a flag) so the info is still readable. If you didn’t write info on the back, you can hot glue it in the center.

It’s a simple as that! In an hour you can have fantastic, unique plant tags to make your garden look extra-special. You can customize these in various ways by hand-coloring black and white photos, pixelating the photos (done on the computer) or even making mini collages for each tag.