Christmas Craft: Pinecone Package Ties

My mom showed my sister and I how to make pinecone package ties when we were kids, and we used them as Christmas tree ornaments. I think they make a nice substitute for a bow on a gift, and the recipient can reuse them as decoration.

Small pinecones
Hot glue

It’s easy—just cut a length of ribbon about 6 inches long, and hot glue a pinecone to each end. Using another couple of lengths of ribbon, tie two small bows. Hot glue the bows over the spot where the ribbon and pinecone are glued together for a finished look. There you have it—they look great on packages, bottles of wines, or the Christmas tree!


One thought on “Christmas Craft: Pinecone Package Ties

  1. Lovely idea! We always use brown paper (now the boys decorate it) and small sprigs of holly or pine, but the whole pine cone would be a good one too.

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