DIY Balsam Fir Wreath

We did a little aesthetic pruning with our Balsam Fir Christmas tree once we got it home, and we’re not about to let the trimmed greens go to waste, so you make either a wreath or swag with the leftovers. I’m opting for a wreath this year, and it’s easy enough that anyone can do it at home.


Metal wreath form (size will depend on how many greens you have, this year I have enough for a small wreath, maybe 6-8 inches in diameter)

Green floral wire

Metal over-door wreath hanger


It’s really simple. Lay a branch on the wreath form, and wrap the floral wire securely around the stem to attach it. Lay the next branch on the form, overlapping it with the first and attach in the same way. Continue by working your way around the form, adding branches to achived the fullness and shape that you want. Once you get all the way around, secure the wire around the form, and you’re done! If you want, you can embellish your wreath with berries, ribbons, ornaments, pinecones or whatever. You can use the floral wire to attach these items to your wreath, or simply wind the ribbon in and out of the branches. To hang your wreath, set the hanger on your door and put up the wreath. Fresh wreaths without water should look good for several weeks to almost a month, and they always fare better in cooler conditions as opposed to the hot, dry conditions of indoors.


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  1. Is there anything other than plain water to keep a wreath from drying out? We live in the southeast and our front door gets constant sunlight all day. And, it’s a metal door! We are spritzing daily, but wondered if there is anything we could add to the water to prevent the browning?

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