Kids Holiday Craft: Pom Pom Christmas Tree

We made pom pom Christmas trees when I was in grade school and it was a fun and simple craft, and it also ends up being a charming holiday keepsake.


green cardstock

small green pom poms


gold string

white glue



Roll a sheet of the cardstock so it forms a cone shape. Use white glue to secure it in place. After the glue is dry, use the scissors to cut any excess paper off the bottom of the cone so it sits flat on the table. Glue green pom pons all over the surface of the cone, and let dry. Use the sequins and string to create a garland to decorate the tree– string on a few sequins, tie a knot in the string to secure the sequins in that spot, and then string on more sequins and repeat until the garland is your desired length. Glue one end of the garland the top of the tree, wind it around and secure the other end at the bottom of the tree. It’s as simple as that! And make sure that the little crafter uses a felt pen to write their name and the date on the inside!


One thought on “Kids Holiday Craft: Pom Pom Christmas Tree

  1. great project for young ones. I kept yours for years, it was a wonderful memory from your childhood, sadly on the last move I made I couldn’t keep everything, my not have the acutal tree, but always cherish the memories of a daughters childhood and all the crafting we did as a family

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