The Winter Planter Box

All around town, the fallow planter boxes have been spruced up for winter– the city always lays down a bed of conifer branches, then pokes colorful red twigs in artistic configurations into the branches, and sometimes throws in some winterberry boughs and pinecones. It’s simple, looks nice, and it’s easy to recreate at home. Lay down some conifer branches in you planter. To get the red twigs, you could always buy some at the local garden center, but they’re easy to make– pick up some fallen twigs and branches from around the neighborhood, then spray paint them a semi-gloss red (or gold if you like). Once the twigs are dry, poke them in interesting configurations through the conifer branches and into the soil of the planter. If you like, place pinecones and winterberry branches into the planter; just tuck them in here and there however you think it looks good.


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