Snow, Snow, Snow!!

This year we had one little snow “storm”. It was a couple of inches that fell during one day, and lasted for maybe a week on the ground. I miss winters with snow. I might feel differently about that if I lived in say, Colorado, where blizzards are the norm, but here in
Chicago we’ve got nothing. Snow equals sparkle for me, and I miss sparkly winters. But just because the yuletide season is over and the gloss and glitter of Christmas has been packed up til next year, and just because we can’t have the real deal outside, doesn’t mean we can’t all joy a little faux sparkle indoors for the rest of winter. Let it snow, baby! And you can, with a little white acrylic paint, a sponge brush and an old toothbrush. All you need to do is pour some paint into a cup and dilute it ever so slightly with warm water—you just want maybe a couple of teaspoons to thin it out a little, like you’re mixing up some watercolor paint. Using your sponge brush, sponge the paint into the corners and along the perimeters of your glass windows and mirrors, to mimic accumulated snow/frost. Using the old toothbrush, dip it into the paint, then run your thumb across it to create little flecks of snow in any density you wish in the center of your window. For this part, you may want to cover up your windowsill will cut-open paper or plastic bags and move anything that you don’t want to get covered with little specks of white paint. When winter is over (or your desire to see it painted on your windows has waned) you can just wash the paint off with water, then clean your windows as you normally would, with your Mrs. Meyers, or vinegar mix, or which ever non-toxic cleaner you’re using these days.