Valentine’s Day Tea

It seems like there is a never-ending stream of holidays to celebrate. On the one hand, this is annoying, but on the other hand, it is nice to celebrate stuff, especially with friends and family. A Valentine’s Day Tea is the perfect way to spend the afternoon with people you love, and can be tailored to both kids and adults. Keep it simple, and it will be a fun afternoon. For an activity, you can make valentine’s to exchange, decorate heart-shaped cookies, or watch a film. For the afternoon snack, you can serve an assortment of teas, double-chocolate brownies, sugar cookies, petite fours (bite-sized cakes covered with frosting—simply make a sheet cake, use unflavored dental floss to slice the cake horizontally in three equal sections, then cut the cake vertically into small sections. Assemble the small sections into mini layer cakes with frosting), and individual crumb coffee cakes. To make more of a meal out of it, you could serve individual quiches, small salads, mini focaccia, or individual apple galettes. Keep the décor simple—red and white is classic and fresh, and throw in some hearts—you can find cute vintage paper cutouts online, or make your own with card stock and paper doilies. However you set it up, it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon with people you really care about.