The Feel of Winter

Well, it’s the first day of February, and it’s winter outside. I always feel out of sorts during January, as the letdown of Christmas and New Year’s fades– suddenly the bustle of activity subsides. It’s never until February when I notice it’s just winter. There’s something clean and crisp about plain winter, without it all dressed up and glitzy for the holidays. It’s been cold and overcast all week, and we are full swing into a deep freeze. It’s bitter outdoors, and still. It feels like every branch that starts to sway in the wind will snap, and some of them do. We haven’t had a lot of snow this winter, and I feel like we’re missing something. I always say, if it’s going to be this cold, it might as well snow. We have had flurries all week, but it refuses to stick. It’s pot roast weather. I’ve got one on now for this evening’s meal– a big beef roast nestled on top of potatoes, carrots, onion and parsnips. (I tried my first parsnip just today, and I’m a convert. They taste carrot-y, but different. Nice and crunchy.) Nothing fancy with the roast, a bottle of light beer and water for the broth, and thyme, oregano, salt and pepper for the seasoning. Simple and delicious. I’m about to put on some tea in a bit too. So, I have an enjoyable evening ahead of me tonight; the husband should be home in a half hour, and we’ll have roast for dinner and settle in for a warm, cosy winter night.