Seed Starting Day!

Well folks, tomorrow is the Big Day! I’m going to be doing my seed starting tomorrow and I’m so excited. I’m starting quite a bit early this year because I’d like to have my first salad greens by the end of March, and I’m determined to get tomatoes in July. I debated for awhile over whether to direct sow or start seed in flats, and then decide to start transplants in flats when my Mom sent me an Earthbox as a present. I’m going to put two tomatoes in the Earthbox, and I’m anxious to see how big they get. I still have to go out and pick up some more potting soil, but I’m going to do that in the morning. And this year I am taking my hand cart! Last year I hauled everything (including a 40 pound bag of pea gravel 12 blocks which my husband carried most of the way) by hand. Starting seeds will be a nice activity for tomorrow morning, since we’ve had -20 (with the wind chill) temperatures for almost a week straight.


One thought on “Seed Starting Day!

  1. Hey,

    I saw you replied to my thread on YGG. Unfortunately I can’t reply to you there because they deactivated my account for some reason. :/

    I haven’t started most of my seeds yet because I haven’t made my mini greenhouses yet because I’ve been spending my time talking about gardening instead of doing it.

    Anyway good luck with the seed starting and if YGG ever lets me come back I’ll post in the thread also.

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