The Gift of a Garden

With Mother’s Day and Easter approaching, you may be wondering what to give as gifts this year. Well fortunately, it’s February and we’ve got plenty of time! Giving a set of six plants as a gift this time of  year is pefect and special. And you have the perfect opportunity to start seeds now and raise them to transplant size by the time you’re ready to go gift giving. That means you don’t have to give run-of-the-mill nursery plants– you can carefully select unusual varieties from the seed catalogs and start them yourself. Think about what your recipient would like best– a six-pack of heirloom tomatoes, a selection of hot peppers or speciality Asian greens, perhaps? And think about how you will present them. For my transplant gifts this year, I found some small plastic pots for six for a dollar at a local dollar store. But you can get even more spiffy than that– nestle the small pots in an old-fashioned milk carrier, wine crate, or bushel basket. Make sure you include cards with varietal information and care instructions. Who wouldn’t love it?


One thought on “The Gift of a Garden

  1. What a wonderful gift idea! Even though I found this while exploring your archives, it’s a great idea for spring or summertime giving. A friend gifted me with one of those tall strawberry planters (pottery, with all the little openings on each side) that she’d preplanted with all kinds of herbs. It was such a thoughtful gift!

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