Goodbye Plastic, Hello Glass

We try to run a  sustainable household, as much as we can. We think it’s important to surround ourselves by things that were made by fair labor practices, using natural materials and are organic where ever possible. That’s why using plastic storage containers in my kitchen has bothered me for quite some time. When heated, who knows how many chemicals from the plastic are leaching out into our food. We’ve felt healthier since we switched over to a mostly organic, vegetable-heavy diet that doesn’t rely on processed foods. So I think that we can further improve our health (and the environment’s) by eliminating plastics from the kitchen as much as we can. Now I’m not saying that I’m throwing out every single plastic item I own. That’s just not practical, at least at this point. For packaged goods, I try to buy my soymilk in paper containers and my meats from the butcher counter, where they come wrapped in butcher paper and not shrink-wrapped plastic and styrofoam. But the biggest culprit in our kitchen is the plastic containers we use to store leftovers and for freezer storage. And all to often I find myself popping one in the microwave to defrost frozen dinners or heat up leftovers, and I’m a firm believer that it’s just not a good idea. So I bit the bullet and purchased a couple of sets of glass storage containers today. I purchased a fourteen piece set that includes larger containers like casseroles, as well as four 1-cup rectangular containers and four 2-cup round containers. The large dishes will be excellent for freezer meals and the smaller ones will be great for leftovers and lunches. I just can’t wait until they arrive so I put them to use!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Plastic, Hello Glass

  1. Oh, I cant wait until I can use my ball jars and recycled glass jars for storage. But with little ones, it just isnt practical yet. Good for you!!!

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