Spring Sowing, for Real This Time :-)

Okay, despite all good intentions mentioned earlier, life prevented me (in all it’s little annoying ways) from actually sitting down and getting my seeds sown. So today I sat down and did it, because it occured to me that if I didn’t actually plant anything, I wouldn’t have anything to grow. And that would be a very sad state of affairs indeed. My first order of business was to repot a rosemary and thyme that I picked up from Gethsemane’s discount rack; the rosemary was only $3 and the thyme was $2. I put the rosemary into the green glazed pot where the former rosemary lived before it’s untimely demise. The thyme got a place of honor in a fantastic large milk glass planter I picked up at a thrift store for $6. Then it was time for the seeds. I planted a total of 60 seeds– 6 each of the following: Envy edamame, Lollo Rossa lettuce, Music Box sunflower, Miniature White cucumber, Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch kale, Tom Thumb lettuce, Tiny Tim cherry tomato, Evergreen White Bunching onion, Thumbelina carrot, and Sweet Cherry pepper. If they all survive, I will have plenty to grow out myself, plus some to give away. So, the growing season has officially begun at Apartment Farm!