First Sprouts of 2007!

We’re farming, folks! The first seedlings of 2007 have sprouted at Apartment Farm! Lettuce, sunflowers, tomatoes, kale, and cucumber are all up so far. Still waiting on the edamame, the second variety of lettuce, carrots, green onions and peppers to come up, but they won’t be too far behind.

The rosemary and thyme plants are having a little trouble getting settled with transplant shock. The rosemary’s flowers have dried up and some of the needles have fallen, but it seems to be recovering. The thyme is looking a little wilty, but I didn’t plant it deep enough–about an inch of the rootball is still above the soil. I’m going to settle it deeper into the pot today and see if it doesn’t get happier. The wintergreen I purchased over the winter is doing quite well and putting out new growth. It will need a larger pot soon. So all in all, we’re off to a pretty good start on this first day of spring!