What’s in Season: Spring

Root veggies are fantastic, but this time of year I start to crave leafy greens. It doesn’t seem like there’s much available yet, but you’d be surprised. If you got off to an early start this season (or know someone that did) you’re already getting some good stuff to eat– lettuce, mesclun, baby spinach, mustard, cress, baby carrots, sprouts, green onions, garlic greens, and radishes. And in a short time, we’ll have asparagus, morel mushrooms, artichokes, early peas, chard, early kale, fiddlehead ferns and new potatoes.

A few good recipe suggestions that are sure to break the winter bordeom are baby green salad with a light vinegarette, creamed peas and baby carrots, thinly sliced radish on buttered white bread, fried morel mushrooms, asparagus served with lemon chicken and artichokes, and parslied new potatoes. Of course, the combinations are endless, but this should definitely get you started on enjoying spring’s delicacies.