Apartment Farm’s Favorite Things: Spring 2007

The items listed below are a few things I really love and I think are fantastic additions to any home.

Vintage Jelly Jars: They make charming tea light holders, or containers in a craft area or bathroom.

Lavender Linen Water: Wonderful to spray on sheets or towels to keep everything fresh and sweet. A good recipe to make your own (as well as other home and bath/beauty products) can be found at http://www.recipezaar.com/61051.

Wine Crates: There are so many excellent uses for these– as planters, pantry shelf bins and HGTV has instructions for turning a few into a very useful and cute vegetable bin at http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/ah_organizing_kitchen/article/0,1801,HGTV_3136_1383619,00.html.

Enamelware: It comes in so many different incarnations– pots and pans, home accents, dishes. My favorites are the wash basin with pitcher and kitchen storage bins and canisters, with black lettering.

Bib Aprons: Nothing keeps you clean and sweet looking during a cooking marathon better than an old fashioned bib apron. Mine is an exciting cherry print on white fabric, with red ribbon trim and bows on the two front pockets. CeCe Marie has some flirty, retro aprons at her Etsy shop– http://cecemarie.etsy.com.

Mugwort Maggie’s: I’m a big fan of Etsy, and a fellow MJF farm girl has set up an excellent shop there. She offers an amazing laundry soap that is worth checking into, and it comes in a variety of scents. Samples are only $1.75! Check out her site at http://mugwortmaggies.etsy.com.

Copper Teapots with Porcelain Handles: My Great Grandmother used one of these for years. They are lovely and heat well. My favorites have a curved spout and the white porcelain handle has a blue painted design. An essential accessory in any farmhouse kitchen.

Terrariums: A charming way to have plants in any environment, Smith & Hawken offers several Victorian-style tabletop models as well as cloches with trays. http://smithandhawken.com/catalog/category.jsp?categoryId=cat220039p

Scented Thymes: Thyme is an incredibly versatile herb, and is relatively easy to grow (even for herb-challenged people such as myself). There are many different varieties, including lemon, orange, lavender, caraway and rose scented. The Mulberry Creek Herb Farm website has information about many of the different cultivars available– you’ll be surprised at the selection! http://mulberrycreek.com/cgi-bin/herbman/search.cgi?Botanical=Thymus


3 thoughts on “Apartment Farm’s Favorite Things: Spring 2007

  1. i have to agree with you on the wine crates and the lavendar scented linen spray. I have hurt that i’m not in your links.

  2. I just love lavender linen water.

    I don’t collect vintage jelly jars but I do keep any interesting glass bottle or jar as I hope to turn them into glasses, vases etc (bought a glass cutting kit but haven’t used it yet).

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