AF Library: Noteable Zines

I’ve been a big fan of zines for at least ten years. I’ve published a few in the past, will probably do more in the future and read a ton. For those of you that may not know what a zine is, it’s basically a magazine (hence “zine”) that’s written and published by one person, sometimes a few people. They’re usually spiffy photocopied affairs that are the labors of love of their creators. And they can be found at very special independent bookstores. Here in Chicago, two of my favorite hotspots for zines are Chicago Comics ( and Quimby’s ( I’m also a big fan of Microcosm Publishing ( out in Portland, OR. Below you’ll find a listing of my favorite zines from Microcosm, which does mail order and web ordering.

At Microcosm:

Guerrilla Greywater Girls Guide to Water (88 pages) (Currently out of stock, but hopefully they’ll have more soon!)

Herbal First Aid (12 pages) ($1.00)

Nontoxic Housecleaners Zine (32 pages) ($1.00)

Scrappy #1: Stitches (36 pages) ($3.00)

Urban Forager: A Guide to Dumpster Liberation & the Freegan Lifestyle (24 pages) (Out of stock, but hopefully more soon)

Wild Fermantation: A DIY Guide to Cultural Fermentation (33 pages) ($2.00)

Stolen Sharpie Revolution: Zine & DIY Resource Guide (160 pages– kind of book, kind of zine) ($4.00)

Brew Not Bombs (36 pages) ($3.00)

Complete Soapmaker Zine: Tips Techniques & Recipes for Luxurious Handmade Soaps (48 pages) ($2.00)

Firewood #1 (36 pages) ($1.00)

On the Poverty of Student Life (36 pages) ($3.00)

I also like CROQ zine which can be found at and the East Village Inky, which is sporadically published (usually quarterly), but always worth the wait. It can be found at