Temporary Grandma: The John C. Campbell Folk School

We don’t all have grandmas in our lives to teach us canning, quilting, weaving and the like. So what do we do when we want to learn these skills as a new hobby, a new way of life, or as an enriching educational experience? Now we can head down to the Folk School to spend a weekend or a week learning hertiage skills. Created in 1925, the Folk School offers a wide array of non-credit classes near Murphy, North Carolina. Tuition, room and board are reasonable. For lodging, dorm, shared or single rooms and camping are available, all including meals. Camping is obviously the cheapest option. Prices for classes vary based on the skill being taught and the materials required. Spending a week at the Folk School would be a great way to immerse yourself in learning something new. Complete class descriptions and information is provided on their website, along with a catalog request at www.folkschool.com.