3 Day Weekend!

There’s nothing I like better than three whole days to do whatever I want. I’ve got some big plans. Tomorrow morning we’re heading to the Evanston farmer’s market– it opened last weekend. I’ve got a big budget and lots of bags ready to go. I’m looking forward to getting some blue potatoes, fresh lettuce, baby leeks and whatever else catches my eye. It’s sure to be jampacked with lots of great stuff! I hope someone is selling venison jerky (I’ve been craving more ever since the Dane County Farmer’s Market) and if I’m lucky there will be few morels available, even though the season is pretty much over here in northern Illinois.

I also plan to get my hands in the dirt this weekend. I was walking up the street to my office building the other day, passing the caged urban trees and it occured to me that it has been too long since I actually touched bark. That made me feel really far from nature. So I’ll be doing a bit of gardening this weekend to reconnect. After all the plants died because of the thesis debacle, I haven’t yet had to chance to replant, so this weekend I’m going to reseed my lettuces, kale, and edamame. I think I may just purchase a couple of tomato transplants since I waited too long to get mine in. Hopefully I’ll find some nice organically started heirlooms at the farmer’s market tomorrow. I’m really pleased with how well my thyme is growing, so I’m also going to look for a few more herb plants as well. Although, I’m two for two on killing rosemary, so anything but that. 🙂

In between relaxing and gardening, we may head up to the Chicago Botanic Gardens this weekend and take a picnic. My favorite garden there is the vegetable patch and orchard, and I’d really like to see how it’s shaping up so far.

So I’m pretty excited about the whole weekend– stay tuned to hear about my finds from the farmer’s market!