First Trip to the Evanston Farmer’s Market

We woke up this morning to overcast skies and a cool breeze, but that didn’t deter my goal of heading to the farmer’s market. It was a little slow when we arrived due to the weather and the fact that’s it just the beginning of the season, but most of the vendors from last year where there, as well as a couple of new faces. There was a full assortment of produce– lettuces, kales, fresh garlic, mushrooms, locally-grown greenhouse tomatoes, Asian greens, green onions, radishes, early turnips and beets, fingerling potatoes, spinach, and more. There were also cheeses, breads, meats, eggs, preserves, pickles, sauces, and plants (flowers, herbs, succulents and veggies). We ended up getting just a few things, but they’re all going to be great in meals this week. We picked up some fingerling potatoes from Nichols Farm (, two varieties of lettuce from Henry’s Farm (, and kale and radishes from Green Acres (– they had a website, but it appears to be down; I’ll update the link when it works again). I also picked up a jar of honey mustard from Stovers ( I’m really excited about all of it– we’ll have a couple of green salads this week with the lettuces and radishes (along with some chives we picked up at the Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market downtown on Thursday), and the kale I will serve in one of my all-time favorite things to eat– wilted kale with shallots and bacon. The fingerling potatoes will get eaten for tonight’s dinner in the form of husband’s home made “chips” served with breaded perch and organic lemon juice for dipping. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it all! I didn’t find any herbs that caught my eye this time. I’ve been looking for unique varieties of thyme to add to my windowsill, and everyone seemed to be selling only common winter thyme so far. I also didn’t bring home any tomato transplants, they were all indeterminate varieties and pretty huge– I just couldn’t see a good way to lug 3 of them home this time. I may head over to the garden center tomorrow and see what I can find. But all in all, the farmer’s market is off to a good start this year, and I can’t wait to see how the season progresses.