The Quest for Adult Furniture

Despite the fact that my husband and I have been living together for over four years, we still have mis-matched, hand-me-down furnishings. It looks like a cobbled together college apartment. Slowly but surely, we’re transforming our existing furniture and adding new pieces. We own a lot of Ikea pine shelving units (entertainment center, stereo shelf, two bookcases, two small shelving units, and two trunks) and all of this is going to get tranformed with paint and decorative hardware. We have a couple of formica tables that could use refinishing. We also have a vintage school-teacher chair that needs to be sanded and stained, a small bookcase that needs sanding, staining and new hardware and a hideous couch that’s still in good shape, but is begging to be reupholstered. We’ve also got another table and chair set that will be reincarnated as patio furniture once we actually get a patio. And we own a nice wrought iron and copper plant stand, as well as a nice small pine bookcase that could get refinished. So we’ve got good bones. But I’m really excited about the purchase we made today– a vintage vanity for the bedroom. It’s very simple with a center panel that lifts up to reveal divided storage and a beveled-frame mirror under the lid. It has two drawers, one on either side. It has beautiful Queen Anne curved legs and it’s painted white. We got a pretty good deal on it for $110 at a little shop around the corner from our house (it’s jam-packed with excellent stuff). We’re going to sand and repaint it, and I still need to find a chair to go with it, but it’s perfect. It’s exactly the look we’re going for- vintage farmhouse. So, a piece at a time, and a Saturday at a time spent refinishing and redoing, and we’ll pull things together to get the look we always wanted in our home.


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  1. a new vanity is always nice. you should come over and see my room… it doesn’t look like a closet any more!!! 🙂

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