Light Up Your World

Summer is a time of endless twilight and warm breezes. What better way to light up your midsummer evening than with your own handmade oil lamp? It’s easy as pie, as you can assemble it with something right in your cupboard– a simple bottle of olive oil. You want an olive oil bottle that is all glass with a metal screw-on lid. It’s nice if your bottle has a decorative Italian label. You’ll also need a five-inch length of all-cotton fabric or heavy yarn (just cut up something old in your closet, or a dishtowel). The last thing you need is large nail and hammer. To assemble your lamp, remove the lid from the bottle. Use the nail and hammer to carefully punch a hole in the lid. Cut your cotton fabric into a five-inch length resembling a wick. Pull a quarter inch piece of your wick up through the hole in the lid from the bottom. Screw the lid back onto the bottle tightly. Let the lamp sit for a few hours so the wick soaks up plenty of oil. Using a match or lighter, let there be light!

This lamp looks great in the kitchen or on a table for (what else) a nice Italian meal. It’s also quite portable and useful at picnics and beach parties. And use your imagination– you don’t have to use an olive oil bottle– any glass bottle with a metal lid will work great.


One thought on “Light Up Your World

  1. You’re very creative… you always think outside of the box. I, on the other hand, am trapped inside the box… oh well, such is life.

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