The Graduate

Although I participated in the graduation ceremony a month ago, I still had to take my final exams (scheduled after the ceremony) to make it all official and trade up the post-in note in my diploma folder for the real thing. Well yesterday I got word that I did, in fact, PASS my final comprehensive exams and I am officially a college GRADUATE!

I feel so many things– it’s taken me a total of seven years to finish my undergraduate degree (I took several semester-long breaks along the way), and I went through a rigorous Great Books program with a thesis requirement. And let me tell you what a long road writing that thesis was! But I feel relieved, excited and proud of myself. I also feel a little let-down, like the morning after Christmas. I’ve defined myself as a student for my entire adult life, and a little piece of me misses that. But mostly I feel great– I finally get to sleep again! And my weekends are my own– no more scrambling to finish six books a weekend and write papers all the time. I’m also the first person in my immediate family to finish a college degree, and I’m pleased to make that accomplishment (though my little sister isn’t far behind). So all in all things are looking pretty decent at the moment, and I’m looking forward to life after college.


7 thoughts on “The Graduate

  1. My younger sister hates it when i call her my little sister… When are you going to pick up that very important piece of cardstock that grants you the “rights and previledges appertaining to” your degree? I’m gonna see about a nice document frame for ya… it might be a while… being that i work for MTTV and am broke 95% of the time 😉

  2. Congratulations! There are people out there who look back wistfully to the college years as if it was the best time of their lives, but I can honestly say that my life has gotten ten times better since I graduated. Of course, farming has a lot to do with that!

  3. That’s excellent! Finishing what you set out to do is always sweet. School has its place (I suppose ;), and when it’s over, you can get on with…other (much, much more) fun stuff!! For all the good times I’ve had during school years, my utter dislike of our educational system—15 or more years (kindergarten to university) of…indoctrination into what exactly I’m still not sure—was and is the overriding feeling and memory. So IMHO, graduating is all good!

  4. Thanks for the book. I will start reading on my way home today (as long as i get a seat… i can’t be one of those people) 🙂

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