Apartment Farm June Update

Well, the farm isn’t as prolific as last year. I guess my growing power this season is only at 50%! But I still have a few things going, and besides, quality trumps quantity! I have the four cherry tomato plants coming along quite nicely. They are almost two feet tall now, and need to be staked with bamboo poles. Husband has taken quite the interest in their welfare, cutting the poles to size and making sure they’re staked right. He also waters them quite a bit as they need it. They are certainly responding to all this care by flowering. Each plant has about ten flower buds so far. We also still have the thymes, the creeping and lemon. They’re both doing well and growing prolifically in the living room window.

In other news, this weekend is a cooking one. I’ll be making a couple of batches of madeleines as well as some snickerdoodle cookies. Husband is planning on making some bread. He’s taken an interest in it as of late. I’ll also be putting some 15 bean soup in the freezer. I’m also working on uploading the rest of the honeymoon photos and working on the Route 66 blog (at http://historyinthemaking.wordpress.com). And I have two years worth of Cooking Light magazines to cull recipes from, then I’ll have to find a new home for them. Need to make more space for my cookbook collection!

Sometime this summer, I’d like to design some recipe card “wallpaper” for my kitchen. I figure I’d use some of my recipes more often if they were visible, and I have ugly gray cupboards in my kitchen. So I thought I would design some recipe pages in red ink with neat retro cooking graphics to cover the cabinet doors with. But that will be an ongoing work-in-progress. 


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