Favorite Things: Summer 2007

Another season, new favorites. Here are a few of my favorite things for summer.

Soy Candles: You can still have candles without polluting your home with petroleum by-products. I purchased six vanilla-scented votives from Lehman’s (www.lehmans.com) for about $7 on sale on now I’m hooked. In addition to Lehman’s, a lot of crafters are also picking up on the soy wax craze, so a variety can be found on Etsy as well.

Kiss My Face Sun Spray SPF 30: A day at the beach or out in the garden demands protection from the elements. This is a light, non-greasy spray-on sunscreen from a responsible company. The small bottle is perfect for throwing into your beach bag or garden tote. They also have a version with DEET-free bug repellent built in.

The “Wild West”: A great motif, especially when the weather is warm and you’re feeling ready to roam. I really like sterling-silver earrings with cactus, revolver, cowboy boots and hats as well as leather bags and wallets. Cards and wall art are great too. Some of my favorite designers who utilize this theme can be found on my favorites page at my Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/favorite_listings_public.php?user_id=5003624&page=1.

Red Shoes: I have a problem with boring footwear. So what’s more feminine and unique than red ones? Black is for funerals, red is for fun! I have these:


Photos: Document your world! Apartment Farm has finally joined (well, figured out how to join) the wide world of photo-blogging (as evidenced above). Let this be an inspiration to you. 🙂

Willa Cather: Need a whole summer’s worth of reading? She’s got enough novels and short stories to keep you occupied. Most of her stories are set in the West (a nice tie-in with the Wild West motif above, I might add) and she has an elegant prose that will keep you entertained and might even get you thinking about the way things once were. Start with either My Antonia or O Pioneers, two of her best-known works.

Farmer’s Markets: Mmm-mmm, fresh fruits and veggies warm in the sun. Talking to the guy or gal who grew them, traipsing through a Saturday wonderland of delicious sights and smells, and filling up your shopping bag with the best and freshest at bargain prices. Find a farmer’s market near you at http://www.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/map.htm. Hungry yet?