Make Your Own Seed Packets

If you’re saving your own seed  this year, it will be time to harvest if before you know it. And with seed, you need an easy way to store it and trade it. So why not design your own seed packets? All you need is an existing seed packet (to you use as a template), scissors, heavy cardstock/cardboard/plastic, decorative paper and a glue stick. To turn your existing seed packet into a template, bring a small pot or tea kettle of water to a boil on the stove. Yep, that’s right– you’re going to steam open the seams of your packet so you can lay it flat. Once the flaps are coming unglued, gently peel them apart and lay it flat. Lay this template onto heavy cardstock, cardboard, or plastic. Trace around it with a pen, then use the scissors to cut it out. You can use this template to trace and cut out your packets out of your desired paper. Then, using the original to guide your folding, fold up the packets and seal the edges with glue. Voila– your very own hand-crafted seed packets. Makes a great craft to do while you’re parked in front of the tv. 😉 


One thought on “Make Your Own Seed Packets

  1. you mean makes a great craft to do while you’re band from going out and spending money this weekend right?

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