Farm House Dreaming…

We love city life, but it’s been a dream of ours (like that of so many others…) to put down roots somewhere on a little piece of land and build the house of our dreams. We’re not greedy– just 10 acres of so would do it for us, and we want a house of moderate proportions and amenities. Well, we think we found the perfect house to build (when we get our little slice of farmland in a few years):

ideal-farm-house-photo.jpg  ideal-farm-house-floor-1.jpg  ideal-farm-house-floor-2.jpg

We would make a few modifications to the existing floor plans:

— We would get rid of all of the bedroom closets and instead use free-standing armoirs.

— The walk in closet in the master bedroom would become a sitting area, and we would get rid of the second sink.

— In the master bath we would put a clawfoot tub with shower attachment instead of the built-in shower, and we might rearrange the master bathroom fixtures so they mirror the second bathroom, so that the tub is in front of the window also.

— In the entry, the two small closets would become one large closet.

— The side door by the closet we would leave out.

— The window in the living area would be bumped out to be a window seat with bookshelves on either side.

— We would move the attic hatch from the master bedroom into the hallway.

— Instead of shingle siding, we will have white clapboard siding.

So, one of these days…

8 thoughts on “Farm House Dreaming…

  1. That’s my dream house, also! Very charming, simple farmhouse with a porch. It’s nice to dream…one of those days it’ll be a reality!

  2. My husband and I are also in search of 10 acres and a house (perhaps build a wee cottage?). We’re in the ‘burbs of Chicago now and are looking across the lake at Glenn area. We were all excited about Three Oaks, but now it’s so hot we’re priced out . . .

    Thanks for posting your dream house plan. I do like!

  3. My wife and I have fallen in love with this design. Your dream house might end up in the interior of BC if the stars line up this year. What is the square footage of the house?

    • Oh, and Ian – please keep us posted on when you build! I’d love to hear and see how it turns out. Good luck; hope it works out for you! (Mine is still a ways off, so I’ll live vicariously through those who can build now).

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