Feed Me!

Planning some good eating this weekend. Tonight for dinner I’m making some leek and potato soup. Full-size leeks are finally in season here! And I’m going to use up the blue potatoes we still have from last weekend’s market, so the color should be quite interesting. Tomorrow night we’re doing a London broil pot roast with carrots, white potatoes and lots of garlic. I plan on throwing that in the crockpot after brunch. I’ll also put some beans to soak tonight for 15 Bean Stew to simmer away tomorrow afternoon. That will be great for lunches this week. Might try my hand at some more bread tomorrow, but we still have the rest of the Hawaiian loaf to eat up. Might turn some of that into French toast for brunch tomorrow; we haven’t had that in awhile. I’m also going to do up some cinnamon sugar pastry stars– yummy! Can you tell I like to eat?