For the Love of It All

Gardening is a lot of work. Seeds must be selected and the garden layout must be planned. Accounting for crop rotations, plant needs and preferences and the lay of the land, this can be no small task. Ground must be broken, weeded, cleared, planted, tilled, watered and so on. Plants must be ensured adequate sunlight, water and nutrients. They must treated for disease and pest infestations. The produce must be harvested at the peak of ripeness with care. Then it must be sold, consumed or preserved, all of which are no small tasks either. Preserving and cooking takes a lot of work too. Canning is a multi-day or multi-week affair depending on the size of the garden.

So why go through all that when you can just go the store and buy your produce for cheap? Because the gardener can feel the heartbeat of the earth deep in her bones. With every spadeful of dirt, with every seed planted, with every vegetable picked the earth takes a deep breath into the gardener’s soul. We garden for the love of it all…