Mmm… Watermelon

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon. We tried out a sample earlier this week at our local market (True Nature Foods) and were hooked. Not postive on the variety, but it was an icebook type with a solid dark green rind, bright red flesh and black seeds. It was grown on an Amish farm in Wisconsin. And it tasted amazing– vibrant, juicy, pure watermelon flavor. So good. I cut half of it into slices for eating this weekend, and the other half I did up in melon balls. I don’t own a melon baller (I abhor kitchen gadgets with only one function– what a waste!), so I had to think about what in my kitchen would create the same shape. Turns out my metal tablespoon-sized measuring spoon was perfect. I was a bit careless, so I ended up with mostly half-moons, but with a quick twist of the wrist, I was able to make perfect spheres using it. I ended up with a whole mixing bowl full, so we have plenty to snack on, and I took a container of them to work for breakfast this morning. And in the interest of not letting anything go to waste, I have saved the watermelon rind in the refrigerator. I’m going to try my hand and watermelon rind pickles this weekend. I’ve never made or even tasted them before, so it will be an Apartment Farm experience. Here’s a charming photo of our beloved watermelon that my husband took during carving: