Photocopy Your Herbs!

Okay, not exactly. But you don’t have to go out and purchase herbs at the nursery every time you want or need a new plant. You can do it right at home with a propagation method called layering. It’s quite simple. Take a long, low-growing branch from you plant (leave it attached), strip the leaves from the middle of the branch, and bury the stipped section under the soil. You should have several inches of the tip of the branch growing above the soil. You’ll likely find it helpful to anchor the midsection so it stays buried– I find paperclips to be useful for this. Unbend your paperclip so it forms and “s” shape, then using scissors, snip it in half. Now you have two “u” shaped anchors. Just push it into the soil over the branch you’re trying to layer, then cover with soil. In a few months time, your baby plant should be rooted well enough to remove from the mother plant and transfer to it’s own pot. It’s that simple! Layering is a great way to create new plants to expand your garden and to have on hand to give as gifts (herbs are always great for housewarming presents!). For additional infomation on herbs, notably other methods of propagation, check out the Herb Society of America’s The Beginner’s Herb Garden Guide at