Small Batch Preserving Made Easy

Learning how to preserve summer’s bounty doesn’t have to be an impossible task. I’ve long been an advocate of small batch preserving. But most of the equipment out there is geared to giant batches. What if you only want to do a couple of jars of salsa or jam? Fortunately, there’s a pint-sized set out there that makes it easy. I came across the Mini Stainless Steel Canning set at and I’m excited about it.


The set includes an 8-quart stainless steel pot with vented lid and a canning rack that will fit inside. It costs just $45. It will hold two quart jars or four pint jars at a time– perfect for small quantities. Couple it with the 5-piece canning tool set for $15 and you’ll be ready to go!


3 thoughts on “Small Batch Preserving Made Easy

  1. That’s a great set. There have been times where I had such a small amount of something that it seemed like too much trouble to can, but that would be a great way to justify it. It’s an especially good idea for someone without the space for an extra freezer.

  2. I’m with you — I just signed up for [a book club]… the first catalog has a cookbook called “Small Batch Preserving” so I’m going to order it.

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