Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose…

It’s been awhile since I did a farm update, mostly because I have had a series of disappointments this season. None of the tomatoes have produced, and we finally had to pull up two of them and cut our losses. Go figure the ones to fare the worst were in the Earthbox with the nitrogen fertilizer. They grew and grew and grew, but never decided to flower. Then one of them got injured while being moved, and then it just went downhill from there. So they were put out of their  misery. The other two are still snug in the pots in the bedroom window, but any flowers they had have mysteriously disappeared, with no fruit to take their place. Now their leaves are starting to yellow, so I think they are starting to die. There were no obvious signs of disease or pests on any of them, so I’m hard pressed to find out what was wrong. I think it was the weather. We have yo-yo’d between cool, damp weather and obscenely hot and humid, and of course, during the obscenely hot and humid weather we had the air conditioner on full-blast. So to the tomatoes, it was a cold, dreary season all around. I guess I wouldn’t be motivated to fruit in those conditions either! And we lost the gorgeous lemon thyme. During the nitrogen tomatoes taking over the apartment, it got buried under all the greenery. By the time a week had passed and I realized I hadn’t seen it in awhile, the damage had been done. The poor little guy just didn’t recover. But we still have the creeping thyme, and that’s about all we’re going to end up with this season. I’m a bit discouraged, but this is how it works out sometimes. I’ve learned some good lessons. Don’t let plants crowd each other, because they can get lost and not recieve the air, water and light they need. Don’t overdo it with the nitrogen. Tomatoes need heat to do anything– they don’t like sitting in front of an air conditioner all summer. And don’t get discouraged, despite all of the setbacks. Better to learn these things on a small scale anyway! And you want to know the great thing about farming? There’s always next season!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose…

  1. Aside from the fact that tomatoes do indeed love hot and humid above all, it sounds like maybe your tomatoes had too much nitrogen. Too much nitrogen and all you get is that lush, green growth you’re talking about. Also, you can prune tomatoes to help them focus on fruit production rather than just leaf production.

    Have you tried lettuces inside?

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