Starting the Farm: Equipment

Farming requires equipment I certainly don’t have while gardening in my apartment. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a common-sense compilation of tools I think I’ll need and actually use.

The first things listed here are from Johnny’s Selected Seeds at

Bed Prep Rake – $63


Row Marker Attachments – $5


Digging Fork – $63


Digging Spade – $63


Glaser Wheel Hoe – $353


Glaser Goose Foot Attachment – $53


Glaser Hiller Attachment – $63


Hatfield Transplanter – $80


Earthway Seeder – $103


Smart Cart – $284


I’m also looking at a small greenhouse, an irrigation system, seed-starting supplies, and harvesting tools. There’s a lot that goes into this, so I’m really going to shop around (hopefully I can get a lot of this stuff second-hand) to get the best deals on this essential stuff.


2 thoughts on “Starting the Farm: Equipment

  1. The glaser wheel hoe is a must-have. So is the Earthway seeder. I’ve used both and I can’t imagine working without them. –Well actually, I’ve been working without the wheel hoe for a year, and I still manage to get pissed off every time I weed because I know it’d be so much easier *with* the wheel hoe. But, it’s a big investment. Don’t forget about a roto-tiller, unless you’re into no-till.

  2. Slightly off topic maybe, and we all know that keen gardeners are lectured from all angles to be environmentally friendly, but it is also crucial to consider on people ethics. For example, some brands of rotovator are made in sweatshops in the Far East. So PLEASE think about where new rotovator is coming from when you buy. A rotovator made in Europe may not be cheap, but it is a very fundamental decision.

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