Long Live Print Gocco!

Ah, screenprinting. It’s a lovely process for immortalizing your art onto paper and fabric. Print Gocco has been the standard in basic, tabletop (low-mess, low-cost) home screenprinting for a long time. But a few years ago for some awful reason, the Japanese manufacturers of Print Gocco decided to discontinue selling it in North America. Crafters everywhere were outraged, and www.savegocco.com was born. Well, all the hard work must have paid off, because Print Gocco is back! It’s a new and improved model and ready for crafters to snap right up. It’s certainly on my Christmas wish list this year! Paper Source sells it, along with all of it’s supplies, and you find it at http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/kits/gocco.html.