Check It Out!

Sometimes I come across stuff I really like on the internet and I just add into my links section to share it with all of you and bookmark it for myself. I don’t just throw random stuff over there, but it has to be really fantastic for me to write an entire post about it (especially today when I’m sick with some type of hopefully-about-to-be-over stomach flu).

Item Number One for today is an organization in Portland, OR called Preserve. It’s a small business that teaches canning classes and helps you host canning parties. They also have good links on their site and an interesting newsletter. I really wish they were located here in the Illinois/Wiscosin area (or that we could have something similar). Hopefully as the self-sufficiency movement continues to grow, we will. But Portlanders take note– you are very lucky indeed. Their website is

Item Number Two is a great blog I’m going to be reading on a regular basis called The Cleaner Plate Club. Written by a mom documenting her search for real food, it’s insightful, honest, entertaining and just a really good read. She’s got a little bit of everything here– news info, cooking with kids, recipes, book reviews and other good tidbits. It’s good stuff– check it out at