Camping at Indiana Dunes

My husband and I are certainly an outdoorsy family. We love to be outside in nature, and sadly, we didn’t get to do enough of it this past summer. So we wanted to get in a camping trip before fall really set in, so we decided to spend a weekend at Indiana Dunes. We’d never been before, and it has the advantage of being off the South Shore commuter train line, which originates from Metra downtown. So overall, it was a pretty conveniant setup. And it was beautiful! We took a lot of photos, and these are some of my favorite landscape shots:


2007_0921indianadunes0015.jpg     (Yes, that tiny little city on the horizon is Chicago.)



We also saw some interesting vegetation while there:

2007_0921indianadunes0028.jpg     (Some kind of bean-pod growing up a plant stalk.)

2007_0921indianadunes0025.jpg     (Bees hard at work gathering pollen.)

2007_0921indianadunes0033.jpg    (Tree fungus!)

We also saw some fantastic wildlife, including a fox so close we could almost touch her and a pair of hawks riding the lake breeze above the dunes (unfortunately, those photos didn’t turn out all that well– animals are definitely harder to photograph than plants!). The weather was also surprisingly cold (lake wind is brutal over there!), our new tent was tinier in the field than we anticipated and we couldn’t always get our fire started easily, but we had a great time. We hiked over 10 miles over the course of the weekend, cooked a meal on an open fire (which is way better than using a backpacking stove, in my opinion), saw the stars (open sky through pine trees– what’s better?) and really enjoyed being out away from the world (for the most part). And we can’t wait to do it again!


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