Autumn Equinox?

Well, we had the equinox part down, but autumn was lacking. It was a balmy 80+ degree day here in Chicago– for all intents and purposes it could’ve been July. The weather has been something else here lately. Last week we had seasonably cool temps, and we got close to getting a first frost. But that glimpse of fall weather disappeared this weekend in favor of hot and muggy. And they say global warming isn’t an issue! Let’s be honest here– our weather patterns have been on the fritz, and noticeably so in the last 10-12 years. The clearly defined seasons of my youth seem to be a fading memory…

It makes me think about what we can do to halt the path of environmental destruction we seem to be on. Many people think the little things don’t matter when in fact it’s the little things that matter most. Little things add up to big things real quick, especially when everyone is doing them. So shouldn’t our little things be postive instead of negative? Turn off the lights, the faucets, the air conditioners… and when they’re on, turn them down. Learn to enjoy silence (or conversation)– since when did a blaring tv become the soundtrack to our lives? Have dinner by candlelight once in awhile, which has the added benefit of bringing back a little romance and wonder into our lives. Slow down. This break-neck pace we’re on is killing us– from stress problems to the environment we’re literally burning up ourselves and our world. And do we really want to get to the finish line sooner? Wouldn’t we rather slow down and enjoy the ride for awhile? Just promise me (and yourself, the next generation that we’ve borrowed all of this from, and the ancestors we need to honor) that you’ll think about the impact you’re making on the world. Where did your last meal come from? What type of energy powered the last appliance you used? Do you actually use all the appliances you own? Do you have to drive everywhere– what’s the alternative? Where does your paycheck go– to a farmer or independent business-person, or some multi-millionaire corporate CEO’s vacation fund? Do you put your money/vote/support where your mouth is? If you’re not at least thinking about it, you could do better. Can you sleep at night knowing you’re only living your life half-assed (for lack of a better term)? I can’t. And if you can– for shame!