Halloween Craft: Tissue Roll Pumpkins

I have to give all the credit to my sister for this project. When I went over to her house this weekend, she showed me all the crafting she’s been doing to decorate for fall (she says I’d give her grief if her house wasn’t decorated for the season already ūüôā ). It’s so simple yet so¬†awesome, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. I sure did.

3 brand-new toilet paper rolls, toilet paper still on them (yes, it’s true)

6 sheets of patterned tissue paper (my sister used a cream colored paper patterned with orange swirls)

1 small piece of cardboard or poster board

green marker

2 foot length of fabric ribbon (it’s optional; my sister used orange with white dots)

So, it’s simple. Wrap each toilet paper roll in two sheets of tissue paper, tucking the excess into the top and bottom to secure it. Cut stems (my sister graduated the length) out of the cardboard, then color them green (she did wide stripes). Tuck¬†one stem into the top of each roll.¬†Arrange them on the length of ribbon in your chosen location. My sister had hers on a bookcase in her living room. Of course, this would also be cute in the bathroom– everyone has to have extra rolls, and what better way of storing them? When the season is over, simply unwrap them and return the rolls to the bathroom. I recommend saving the patterned paper, stems and ribbon for reuse next year. Simple, elegant and affordable holiday decorating– my sister is quite the crafty lady!